Bathrooms are an essential part of every home. People make every effort to create the most aesthetic and useful home bathrooms. One of the components that influence the aesthetics of a bathroom is the tiling, usually used on the floor and walls. Tiles are either made from ceramic or Vinyl, both of which are available in various colours. Our team has expert tilers who can provide you with flawless bathroom tiling. Whether you have to replace your existing tiling or need it installed in a new bathroom, you can count on us. We can provide bathroom tiling services to both commercial and residential properties. We also carry out complete bathroom refurbishments at highly affordable rates.

Perfect Design and Layout

Tiling can enhance the aesthetics of your bathrooms and make them visually pleasing, but identifying the proper layout of your bathroom tiles is essential. Whether you want your wall tiles to be different than your Bathroom Floor Tiling or whether you want all to have the same shade. Modern designs often feature a combination of two contrasting or similar colours with slightly different shades. Some bathroom tiles come in a combination of three different designs. The options are endless, and you can create beautiful colour combinations. You can choose to cover the overall height of the walls with tiles or according to your wishes. Our interior designers will guide you and show you many layouts we have worked on, or you can search the internet for ideas. No matter what your idea is, we will bring it to life.

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Flawless Installation

Choosing the proper layout and colour theme are essential steps in designing an exotic bathroom, but equally important is the installation. Any imperfections in the fitting anywhere on the floor or Bathroom Wall Tiles may seem too obvious and ruin the entire look of your bathroom. They should be properly cemented using the right type of mortar, and they should be levelled properly. Any imbalanced floor tile will crack under your feet, while any loosely cemented wall tile will fall off. Grouting should be done perfectly to ensure that your bathroom tiling looks neat and clean. Our tiling team has completed numerous projects perfectly, and we will provide you with a flawless installation.

DIY Vs Our Professional Services

Many people fall into the trap of installing bathroom tiles themselves, and they believe they can reduce their Bathroom Tiling Costs. While there is nothing wrong with trying to learn something, perfect tiling requires knowledge and skill. Slight imperfections can ruin your tiling adventure. Tiling is a costly activity, especially when you have selected Designer Bathroom Tiles. Your attempt at saving your cost may lead you to spend more than you should. Any experiment gone wrong will cost you money. Let the experts handle what they are trained to do best.

Bathroom Tiling

Cost of Bathroom Tiling

Your total cost of bathroom tiling depends on the type of Bathroom Tiling installed, labour charges and cement cost. Bathroom tiles are available in several materials, designs, and colours. Ceramic tiles cost more than Vinyl and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) but look more aesthetic. LVT is available as stone or wood imitations and looks as good as the real thing. LVT and Vinyl are resistant to moisture, long-lasting, and affordable, except for some LVTs. The second significant cost is the tiling labour charges which are usually based on time. Last but not least, the cement & glue used for installing tiles will also cost you. You can reduce your bathroom tiling cost by choosing less expensive tiles.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Please read what our customers say about us. You can check our gallery for completed projects and read customer reviews. You might get an idea for your bathroom tiling from these images. You can contact us online or through our registered phone number for any queries regarding bathroom tiling. You can also measure the area covered with tiles and use our online form to estimate your tiling fitting charges.

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Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion