Who we are?

We provide various services including Bathroom tiling London. From full house renovation and refurbishment to minor repairs/refurbishment, we provide all related services to both households and businesses. We are specialist bathroom tilers in London and have completed countless jobs to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

When is bathroom tiling required?

If you are planning to refurbish/renovate your entire home or you are building a new one, bathroom tiling and decoration is an essential part of it. Bathrooms are accessed by almost everyone in your home regularly. Nicely decorated bathrooms can cast a lasting impression on your guests and also make your trips to the loo pleasant. One thing that greatly contributes to the appearance of bathrooms is tiling. Typically, the floor, as well as the walls, are decorated with tiles to give the bathroom an exotic and luxurious look. Tiling may also be required if the old one has worn out or has lost its lustre. Another reason is leakage of internal water pipes which may require replacement of floor as well as wall tiles. For effective Bathroom Tiling in London, get in touch with us.

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Tiling Costs

Your cost for Bathroom Tiling London depends on the area you want to cover. There are many different trends in interior design these days. Some choose to cover the entire bathroom with tiles except the roof. Usually, the colour of the floor and wall tiles differ from each other to provide a contrasting look.

Combinations are available in the market or you can make your colour combination. The roof is usually fitted with a false ceiling to give the entire bathroom a beautiful look. Tiles are available in rates that are calculated per square meter but there are also exotic ones that are priced per unit.

The area to be covered is simply calculated by summing up the area of your floor and the area of the walls to be covered. Other items such as adhesives, cement board, etc will also be added to the cost. Labour cost is also usually charged per square meter.

So your total cost will be the cost of tiles summed up with labour charges and other raw materials. Get in touch with us for the most effective and affordable bathroom fitting London.

Bathroom Tiling London

Our tiling services

We provide tiling services for both kitchens and bathrooms. Our tiling service includes the removal of existing tiles, wall preparation, and installation of bathroom wall/floor tiles. The process may or may not be as simple as it sounds. Some tile replacements may require more wall preparation than others depending on the age of your bathroom and other issues like water leakages. The wall and floor surfaces are levelled to ensure a uniform fit. A cement board will be used for installing a base for the tiles. Adhesives are used for glueing the tiles to the wall or the floor.  When you hire us you can be sure that your bathroom tiling in London will be perfect. We are the best bathroom tiler London.

Why us?

Professional Tilers

Our Bathroom Tiling London team comprises professional tilers who have completed numerous tiling jobs in London. We are a team of driven and devoted members. They are trained to use the latest equipment for providing flawless services. They start their tiling job by first analyzing the area of tiles that would be required, this is followed by deciding which tile measurement suits you best. Once you provide us with the tiles, our team begins preparing your bathroom surfaces including walls and floors. They will also make sure that there are no leakages or other issues. After installing proper underlayment, our team will cement the bathroom tiles on the floor and the walls.

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If you need the services of professional bath tiling London then look no further. Get in touch with us today on our registered number. Talk to our representative about your requirements and ask for a free visit if you want. Our specialists will conduct a thorough visit to analyze any special requirements and provide you with a free cost estimate. You can also get a free estimate online through our website. Simply fill out our online form and we will revert with a free quote. If you accept our quote, we will provide you with a convenient appointment date.

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion