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Customise your construction and renovation projects with Refurb My London and get a foundation built that lasts a lifetime. 

More than a thousand projects we have accomplished so far have earned us massive credibility; we aim to consistently win your trust by delivering the most sought-after designs and quality finishes. By closely coordinating with clients and giving a high-end finish to their builds, our builders have earned a name in the industry. 

Contact us for any construction and renovation project and see us exceeding your expectations. Our services extend from groundwork and extensions to tiling and decorating. The main areas we deal in are:

  • Extensions
  • House Refurbishment
  • Tiling
  • Brickwork
  • Loft Conversion
  • Groundwork
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We are custom home builders taking care of the entire process, from concept to completion. Whether you seek small home builders or commercial builders, contact us to discuss your project and get personalised services according to your vision.

Luxury Homes

Luxury homes are not necessarily characterised by their price or size only. Some features that contribute to them being called luxury homes are: 

  • Location:Luxury homes are often situated near area attractions like natural oases, waterfront living or a highway.
  • Expansive Floors:Spacious suites, game rooms and home theatres with high-end amenities are often included.
  • Deluxe Material:Luxury homes are typically characterised by the high-end material used on the premises. Granite countertops, marble and wooden flooring, travertine swimming pools, flagstone patios, and herringbone tile patterns are designed and styled with immense attention to each detail. You may also witness additional features like a sauna, gym, and smart technology when walking around the place. 
  • Exterior Opulence:The façade of a luxury home is the first thing you engage with. Luxury homes radiate architectural splendour that extends beyond the main structure through external elements like water features, landscape, lighting, and entertainment areas. They not only add to the glamour but also give privacy during the time spent in a pool or gazebo. 
m homes

Modern Homes

Contemporary design, also known simply as ‘modern design’, incorporates home features that are popular today. The design trends keep shifting; you can build on some of the elements you want to be included and work with our team of designers to know how it can work better for your dream home. 

Although it is difficult to stick to a specific set of features that represent a modern home, we can highlight a few such elements that usually make their way to modern homes:

  • Simple and Clean Geometry:With many inclining towards a simplistic style, home designs are too making their way into the picture. Modern homes stress clean lines and simple shapes, with deliberate asymmetry. You might not see elaborate adornment, arches, or ornate columns. 

The goal is to simplify the space, emphasise function, do away with additional ornamentation, and create a calm environment against the backdrop of technological frenzy. 

  • Cherishing Natural Light:As modern home builders, we install large windows into your bedrooms and lounge for you to enjoy the daytime moments and eliminate the darker ambience indoors that might otherwise pervade because of the intricate wallpaper designs or artwork. 
  • Open Floor Theme:While the bedrooms are still a personal retreat for one, modern homes typically promote family togetherness by eradicating walls that otherwise hamper it. Whether kids play by the television, meal is cooked in the kitchen and email sent from the dining table, the feeling of being together stays there. 
  • Natural Surfaces:We make our statement by making the best blend of materials to give off a unique but integrated aesthetic: a mix of the finest of woods, stones, and concrete surfaces for your modern home. 
  • Smart and Safe Features:We not only take care of the home exteriors but also ensure the homes are technologically advanced, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. 

Planning a Luxury, Modern, or Commercial Build? Reach out to Us

Before making a deal with any of the home building contractors, it is essential to explore the projects they have completed and ascertain whether or not they are known for their construction quality and modern techniques. 

If you are planning a luxury home, modern home, or commercial structure and need more ideas and designs to suit your needs, give us a call and let us know the details. Our experience and credentials as home builders will help bring your dream project to fruition with foundations that last a lifetime. 

Along with providing all the latest amenities and opulent designs, we also identify ourselves as expert swimming pool builders, building all kinds of in-ground, outdoor, indoor, and one-piece pools. And if you want home extensions with a luxury garage built, look no more: We are proficient garage builders, constructing new garages from scratch and refurbishing existing ones.

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion