Nowadays, most families choose House Extension to add extra space to their home rather than moving out and going through all the hassle of finding a larger property. It is not only an affordable option but also avoids a lot of mess involved in moving to a new place. With the option of extending your home, you get more space for a suitable and comfortable lifestyle. We at Refurb My London design and build practical yet aesthetically pleasing House Extensions. We know that even simple changes can bring a lot of change into your place; this is why we offer you the best house extensions, which will not only fulfil your need for extra space but will also add evident value to your home. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and build an extension accordingly.

Our years of experience in this industry have let us encounter many events, which now help us work on all types of extension projects. No matter which type of House extension you want, you can completely trust us as your House Extension Specialists. We keep our customers involved and aware of every step from start to finish, which helps them get peace of mind and satisfaction as everything is transparent.

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Home Extension not only remodels the interior space but also changes the exterior design of your place. They offer an excellent opportunity to remodel the designs of older properties. You can choose the House extension option to extend your kitchen and TV Launch or to make one or two extra bedrooms or bathrooms; each type of extension will surely make a huge difference. House extension can be the best option to re-purpose the existing space, but you only need professional House Extension Contractors.

Type of House Extensions

There are five main types of House Extension, with almost the same function but adapting differently to the property’s architecture.

Rear Extension

Rear Extension is the simplest type of extension and a good one for understanding how all five extensions work. It extends your place from the back side of the property, mainly the kitchen, into your garden area. The properties with no side return choose the option of Rear Extension as they have only this direction to extend their place.

Despite being small, a rear extension can offer an impressive amount of extra space that can be used as a dining area for family or where you can entertain a few guests for charming events. The rear extension has a few significant things going for it

Firstly, avoiding the fuss is possible with this extension’s sheer simplicity, especially for people who like things to be simple and classy. Being simple and not complex also means that the House Extension Cost will be pretty low compared to the alternative options. It also offers an incredible amount of light inside as you can fit large skylight windows along with full-width doors into Rear Extensions.

House Extensions

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Side Return Extension

The function of the Side Return Extension is similar to that of the rear extension, with the only difference being that you extend your property to the side and make side returns valid. You can also build in the small ‘alleyway’ between your and your neighbour’s house. If you want extra space without causing much disturbance to the rest of the property design, then this extension can be the most suitable option for you. As professional house extension builders, we will make this extension by cleverly using the side return to offer you a good amount of extra space, as this area of the property mostly remains empty due to its awkward shape. We will use this awkward shape to offer extra kitchen space without changing your garden. These house extensions’ main selling points are simplicity and cost. These extensions are easy to build and do not cost much thus are among the least expensive of the other options.

Wrap Around Extension

It is one of the most popular types of extension due to its style, as it combines a rear and side return extension and wraps around your house, creating an L-shape space. This type of extension can dramatically change the complete layout of your place. It is the best type of extension for those with a lot of garden space as it allows you to extend the garden area as much as you want to offer a lot of extra space. One can create endless ideas with this kind of extension, and the amount of space it provides can be used in whichever way you want. When we talk about the House Extension Price for this one, it can cause a bit more than the rear and side return extension, but many complexities involved in constructing this kind of extension justify the prices.

The other two types of extension you can build at your place are Over-Structure Extension and Double Story Extension. The over-Structure extension comes into play when the ground-level extension is impossible due to particular issues or other reasons. Double Story Extension is for getting the most amount of space out of extension and adds an additional story to the rear, side return or any other extension. No matter which type of extension you want, Refurb My London is the best place to consult for help. Contact us now and get your House Extension Quote.

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion