Who we are?

We provide home extensions in Hillingdon and also in other regions of the United Kingdom. The home extension service is just one part of our construction services portfolio. When are House Extension Camden required?

There can be several reasons for anyone to carry out a house extension but the most common ones are:

  1. Your family size has increased and the existing space is simply not enough.
  2. You want to increase the estate value of your house.
  3. You want to add extra room for a gym, office, or hobby.
  4. You want to change the way your house looks.

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What are the advantages of house extensions?

  • Add considerable space, from making your side alley usable to adding multiple floors.
  • Highly affordable when compared to the cost of shifting to a new home.
  • The perfect infusion of outdoor/indoor living.
  • Increase in the aesthetic and monetary value of your property.

Is this the right time for extensions?

This is exactly the right time for a house extension in Camden as many local councils have removed the previous restrictions on permitted development. Your development rights have been improved which implies that many extensions can be carried out without planning permission.

House Extension Camden

What are the types of House Extensions Camden we provide?

Rear extensions:

This is simply a house extension that brings to use its rear side. These can extend to your patio and garden. They create a much larger open space and provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor area. Most of these do not require planning permission.

Side return extensions:

These are carried out to bring your otherwise wasted side alleyway into use. A side return extension can transform the appearance of your home and make it look much bigger and much better.

Wrap-around extensions:

As the name suggests, this type wraps around your home. It is carried out by combining side return extension with rear extension. This type of extension adds great space to your home which you can use for a much larger kitchen, dining area, living space, etc. It also effectively infuses your indoor space with your outdoor space.

Single/Multiple storey extensions:

The addition of a new floor or more, this one requires advanced technical skills as well as planning permission. You can very well imagine what the addition of a floor or two implies. It provides you with an entirely new and huge area which you can use for building any room you want. It is also more expensive and time taking than any other type of house extension.

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Why you should hire us?

Hassle-Free Services:

House extensions can provide you with considerable space but can be a cumbersome and stressful process. Although many types of extensions now do not require planning permission homeowners still have to be cautious because no one would want to pay for penalties. We will take care of all that stress and you do not have to go through the hassle of seeking planning permission for House Extension Camden. Our team will not only provide you with construction services but also planning permission if required.

Cheap Prices:

Your house extension cost will depend on the type of extension you choose and additional services such as the rooms you want to add, utilities, flooring, electrical installations, tiling, etc. We strive to provide you with the most affordable services and the most competitive rates for raw material/supplies. Rest assured, we will work with you to customize a plan that does not burden your pocket.


 Our engineers and technicians are highly qualified and armed with considerable experience in the construction sector. They have worked on countless projects and completed them to the satisfaction of our customers. They are equipped with the latest gadgets, tools, and machinery to provide you with highly cost-effective and reliable construction services including house extension Camden.

Get in touch with us:

Call us on our registered number or through our online website. House extensions require advanced technical skills and a certain level of commitment. Invite our team to your site so that they can analyse your requirements and ground conditions to provide you with the most precise cost estimate. They will provide you with a free quote after the site visit. When you accept the quote, we will provide you with an appointment date for the extension.

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion