House extensions of your existing property can add to its estate value and create extra space for you and your family. With the government recently relaxing rules & regulations, many extensions now do not require planning permission but are acceptable under the rights of permitted development. This makes house extensions even more beneficial. So if you have a house in Fulham, contact us for House Extensions Fulham and we will transform your home into a much larger and more valuable asset.

House extensions have four basic types:


You must have witnessed this type of extension in semi-detached or Victorian houses. The side alley that runs all the way is transformed into usable space making it also possible to save your lawn or garden space. It lights up your back-end rooms which can now be used. Another benefit is that this extension does not require planning permission, costs the least among all types of extensions, and does not take that much time. Our team has worked on several such home extensions in Fulham so let us know if you are interested in a side-return extension.

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    A wrap-around extension combines rear extension with side return extension subsequently adding immense space to your house. The additional space can be used for extending your kitchen and adding space to your living room. It is not costly and in most cases does not require planning permission.

    Single Storey Rear Extension & Multiple story extension

    The relatively costlier extension is the addition of a storey or two. It can be complicated and requires a highly technical construction team. The addition of one storey is synonymous with the addition of an entire floor, creating considerable space. Planning permission is required for this type of extension. If you need this type of House Extensions Fulham, let us know.

    House Extensions Fulham

    Our Process

    • Contact us

    If you live in Fulham and you believe your property needs an extension, or you want to benefit from the new development rules, then get in touch with us, talk to our representative or contact us online.

    • Site Visit

    You can book an appointment for a site visit and our certified & highly skilled team will visit your home. They will analyse your site and advise you on the best type of extension for your property.

    • Free Quote

    After the site visit, our team will present you with a free quote that would cover the cost of raw materials/supplies and our service charges.

    • Planning Permission

    If you find the quote acceptable, we will move forward and seek planning permission for house extensions Fulham. (if required ).

    • Technical Planning

    The next step will be the preparation of technical drawings which work as a blueprint for the entire process of a property extension. It will be shared with you along-with step by step plan of action.

    • Project Initiation

    After the technical drawings have been finalized, our team members will be assigned their respective duties. Our team will do its best to finish the project within the agreed time frame.

    Why Choose Us?

    Qualified & Experienced team

    Our in-house team includes construction workers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, architects, tilers, etc. We have pulled together a team of the best experts to provide quality services to our clients. Our workmen are certified by authorized institutions and have considerable experience in carrying out house extensions.

    Latest Tools & Equipment

    We have armed our team with the latest and best tools & equipment related to their respective fields. They have also been trained to use these tools in the best possible way. Regular training sessions are carried out to keep our team up to date with the latest trends.

    Affordable Cost

    Providing quality services is our bread and butter. We are fully committed to providing services that are remembered. At the same time, we have also priced our services competitively relative to the market. Whether you want to carry out renovation, refurbishing, house extensions, loft conversions, plumbing work, electrical work, or any other construction-related activity, you will find our pricing to be customer-friendly. The total house extension cost will always depend on the type of services you avail.

    Contact us

    For more information, you can talk to our representative on our registered number or contact us online.

    Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion