A person or a family’s most cherished asset is always their home. More than just money and time go into building and maintaining your home. Over time, your house may require renovation, House Extensions Harrow, or remodelling owing to several reasons such as an increase in family size, physical deterioration, or reclaiming usable space. Regardless of what the reasons may be, a major extension will require money and time.

An effective and useful home extension requires a skilled team that can envision the changes you require, make a proper plan, gather the right team, execute the plan while keeping time & cost in mind. Some extensions may require prior approval from the respective council otherwise your home extensions in Harrow may be deemed unlawful. This task is not a DIY task. You need a proper team which can do all the above effectively.

We at Refurb my London do just that and much more. If you are a resident of Harrow, you must be aware that the government has recently modified the rights of permitted development. This means that this is the right time for residents to benefit from house extensions in Harrow.

Our expert team in Harrow is committed to providing you with construction services while keeping in view legal requirements and your budget. We follow a highly formalized process for house extension which we are sharing below. 

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    Steps in Home extensions Harrow:

    Site Visit:

    Our house extension team of experts will visit your home and answer any questions that you may have. They will also analyze the site and exchange ideas with you. Discussions will include the type of suitable extension, approval process, budget, and project completion time. Once ideas have been exchanged, you together with our team will finalize the type of extension you require. If you already know what you need, you can also use our website to get an estimated quote for the type of extension you require. If you are not sure, just get in touch with us and we will facilitate you in identifying what is best for you.

    House Extensions Harrow

    Types of Extension/Design:

    Different types of House Extensions Harrow can be carried out. We will briefly discuss a few which may help you decide for yourself.

    Side Return Extension:

    Usually found at period properties such as Victorian, a side return extension is a great solution for dark and usually gloomy back rooms. This otherwise poorly utilized space can be used to build an extension and make your kitchen/dining area much larger. It can entirely change the appearance of your home. Often regarded as the most affordable and least time taking extension project, it helps you the connection of the indoor and outdoor space of your home. It also allows you to conserve your garden space.

    Wrap around Extension:

    Combine the Side return extension with the rear extension and you have a wrap-around extension. Together with this hybrid extension greatly enhances the available space in your home. It is ideal for growing families and facilitates the creation of new spaces and increases the usage of existing space. It is highly suitable for a large size open kitchen combined with extra living space which can be used by your children while you prepare dinner or lunch. The Wrap-around extension is one of the simplest ways of adding space. The House extension cost for both the wrap-around and side return extensions are lower compared to other types of extension.

    Single Storey Rear Extension:

    If your house has sufficient space and you want to add an extra room such as a bedroom, study room, home office, etc then a single-storey rear extension can be the right solution. You can use the additional space for building any room. It will also enhance your home’s overall appearance as well as value. The extension also helps you use your otherwise underutilized garden space. The cost of adding a single storey is high and the task itself requires highly skilled labour.

    Multiple story Extension:

    you can build multiple stories on your existing building if you want to add substantial space to your home. The new floor can be used for whatever you feel like building. This is a highly technical task that involves high costs and a well-trained construction team.

    The above is not an exhaustive list of the types of extensions you can carry out. There are many other types which may vary according to the type of house.


    Any major extension will require prior approval from the Harrow Council. Once you have finalized the type of extension with our team, we will provide the extension plan to the council for approval. The process usually takes up to 42 days. Once the certificate of Proposed Lawful Development is received, our team will move to the next step.

     Technical Planning:

    This step includes the preparation of technical drawings which are prepared by a highly skilled design team. These drawings are imperative for proper construction so that your money is not wasted and the House Extensions Harrow serves the purpose it has been carried out for.

     The Big Day:

    once all the technical drawings have been finalized and duties have been assigned to the respective technician, our team of specialists will head on to the site and begin their work. The time required for job completion is highly dependent on the type of extension. Our team is well prepared for any challenges that may arise during the construction. Our highly trained team includes contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, and others. We believe in delivering what we promise and will make sure that you are satisfied with the final outlook of your house extension.

    Get in touch with us and watch your home transform into something much bigger and better. Not just that, we intend to make your dreams a reality within the most affordable budget but without compromising on quality and durability.  Benefit from house extension or renovation to add comfort as well as value to your home.

    Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion