We at refurb my London provide a host of services around the UK including Putney such as:

  • Complete House Refurbishing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  •  General Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Emergency services

We specialize in home refurbishment services including house refurbishment Putney and our team has completed numerous projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

    Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion

    Our Process:

    We follow a specially structured plan when carrying out house refurbishment. The process loosely consists of the below-mentioned steps:

    Site Visit:

    Once you contact us for house refurbishment, our contractors will visit you. As House Refurbishment Putney is a detailed process, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your site and exchange ideas with you. Once both you and our team have a clear picture of what needs to be done, our time will prepare a plan.

    Planning Phase:

    A detailed plan with a process flow will be written down for you along with estimated cost & quotes. These quotes are prepared after a complete comparative analysis to provide you with the best possible rates. If you agree to the quote, our team will move to the next step. We will give due consideration to your budgetary constraints and try to customize the refurbishment plan according to your budget.

    House Refurbishment Putney


    once the plan has been laid out, our contractor will assign different duties to different technicians such as civil works, painting, repairing, tiling, woodwork, etc. Our team comprises highly qualified and skilled members which have a repute for delivering projects on time. We can also supply all the necessary raw materials required for refurbishing.


    once all the groundwork/civil work and physical remodelling/construction has been completed, in short, all types of work that can make things messy, has finished and all finishing items such as tiles and lights, etc have been installed, our team will wait for your feedback and if there are any changes you still require or you would like to fine-tune the result, our team will be there to complete their job to your complete satisfaction.


    A well-maintained house would require little repairs even with time. When you spend a considerable amount on refurbishing, you should do justice to your money and keep a regular check on your house. You can contact our team which can conduct an annual survey for a nominal fee and perform a detailed check-up and make a few changes/modifications/repairs if necessary.

    Our House Refurbishing Service:

    House refurbishment can be a tedious task that involves considerable money, time, and patience. It is a major project that requires effective planning. Without a proper plan, House Refurbishment Putney can turn into a never-ending mess. We can provide a complete house refurbishing plan for residents of the UK including House refurbishment in Putney. A typical plan will include:

    • Civil Works for the repair of existing structures or building new ones/modifications.
    • Exterior repair, remodelling and painting.
    • Roof Repair, loft conversion, etc.
    • Kitchen, bathroom, living room flooring & tiling.
    • Electrical re-wiring, repairs, installations.
    • Woodwork including panelling, cabinetry, kitchen cabinets, etc
    • Plumbing services, installation of plumbing accessories.
    • Lighting and installation of other electric accessories.

    The refurbishing plan is almost like a building plan for a new house, however at a much lower cost and in less time. Contact us for a detailed refurbishment plan and our team will develop the best one for you. 

    Refurbishing Tips:

    • A successful refurbishment depends on proper planning and execution.
    • A haphazard plan can multiply your house refurbishment cost.
    • Before you contact anyone for refurbishing, try to analyze your needs & requirements yourself.
    • Go from room to room and make a checklist of what needs to be done, what needs repair, what needs replacement.
    • For instance, your bathroom may require tile replacement, so write it down. Also, check for any leakages that might point towards the need for the replacement of piping.
    • Make a checklist for every room separately.
    • Try to estimate your per room expenditure by taking help from the internet.
    • Make an expenses chart in excel and write down all the estimates.
    • If you have a limited budget, give preference to what is most important.
    • For instance, if your house exterior is in bad shape you should give it a priority. If there are any serious water leakages, they should be replaced first.
    • All civil work must be completed before everything else.
    • When buying items like tiles, always get a comparative quote, you might end up saving money.

    Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion