One of the most expensive purchases one will ever make is buying a property, be it a home or a business premises but taking care of the investment in terms of potential house refurbishment and renovation can make a huge difference. Renovation involves altering the building’s structure, such as changing the floor layout, constructing an extension or conversion, and removing or replacing a chimney breast. On the contrary, refurbishment tends to be less intrusive and consists of making improvements to your building’s appearance, aesthetic or condition. This may include decorating a room, painting a space or repairing a faulty area.

Unleash Heaven by Renovating Your Space Perfectly

Each house is a long-lasting and significant asset but needs smaller or larger modifications with time. If every room is involved, house renovation can be challenging. Especially the kitchen and bathroom, which demands an enormous amount of work. However, this can be made a lot easier by hiring Refurb My London, as we have dealt with many clients and completed renovation projects to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

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Our house renovation services typically include but are not limited to the following:

  • Replastering, fixing and painting internal and external walls
  • Rewiring some or all home’s components
  • Kitchen renovation – replacement of tiles, water supply, kitchen appliances or drainage system
  • Bathroom renovation containing tiles, toiletries, etc.
  • Replacing the flooring with tiles or vinyl sheets
  • Finishing touches like decorating, painting or fixture installation

Our Clear and Concise Process for Carrying Out House Refurbishment

We at Refurb My London follow an organised plan when executing house refurbishment. The steps listed below loosely comprise the process:

Site Visit

After receiving your request for refurbishment, one of our home renovation contractors will visit your location to assess and thoroughly analyse it. Our team will work while considering your ideas in mind, and per your design, we will create a stunning plan.

Planning Phase

The planning phase includes all the major and minor details that must be performed, including estimated house refurbishment costs to provide you with the most reasonable rate. If you agree, our team will effortlessly renovate while considering your budget.

Implementation and Completion

Then our contractor will assign various tasks, such as tiling, woodwork, and repairing, to our professional builders. Our competent and trained team will complete the project according to schedule.

House Renovations

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion

Refurb My London: Providing a Stress-Free Service

Whether large or small, renovations can breathe new life into your house, but the process can be highly stressful. This is where our team comes in handy because every task will be handled effortlessly by the relevant specialist.

On top of that, all of our workers are familiar with legal requirements and regulations; that’s why you don’t have to worry because our team will refurbish your house.

Offering the Finest Supplies and Materials

The cost of raw materials and supplies, particularly pipes, flooring, tiles, building supplies, paint or wiring, is one of the essential expenses related to old house renovation. But Refurb My London works with the best vendors around town, providing you with the most excellent and high-quality material. From concrete to tiles, flooring to paints, we will purchase everything according to your needs and requirements.

Create a Place of Comfort and Serenity at a Reasonable Price

House renovation entails modernising the home’s inside and outside, including all rooms and living spaces. The prices can vary and ultimately depend on the amount of work required. However, our hardworking team always tries to buy the lowest and most reasonable yet quality products, thus pricing our services at the most affordable cost for our customers.

Refurb My London: The Best House Renovation Company in Town

  • Whether you need only one or the aforementioned house refurbishment services, our team will always assist you.
  • You can get fast, efficient and smooth renovation services from our team of architects, designers, structural engineers, tilers and carpenters.
  • All of our team members are qualified and licensed, offering the best services in the area.
  • Our house renovation specialists are prepared with the latest tools and equipment.
  • Refurb My London is an insured company offering the finest rates for our valuable customers.

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion