Are you looking forward to renovating your kitchen or looking for reliable Kitchen Refurbishment services? Renovation projects, even the thought of starting the process, can be hectic; lack of ideas, uncertainty about the choices, confusion about the trustworthy companies and many more can cause real difficulties. If you are the one who wants a quick solution for all this, then only trust Refurb My London. We offer our clients exceptionally managed complete project services from planning to design and complete installation. We offer a trained, skilled, creative team who work closely with you to convert your dream kitchen into reality. We will provide you with the best advice according to your conditions, and even if you are confused about which style you should go with, you can trust our Kitchen Renovation Company for the best ideas and designs.

We keep you informed about each step we take and keep the process clear and transparent. As the leading Kitchen Renovation Contractors, we know that kitchen is often called the heart of the house, and we work to make this part of your house beautiful and practically perfect. Our dedicated, highly experienced and friendly team can handle and carry out all types of renovation work. We will transform your kitchen according to your expectations. Whether you want Kitchen Cabinet Renovation or Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment services, only trust the best and contact Refurb My London for premium Kitchen Renovation Services.

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Kitchen Renovations and Refurbishment Services

Some of the styles that you can choose for your Kitchen Renovation are as follow;

  • Traditional Kitchen Renovation
  • Modern Kitchen Renovation
  • Contemporary Kitchen Renovation
  • Small Kitchen Renovation
  • Cottage Kitchen Renovation
  • Rustic Kitchen Renovation

How Do Our Services for Kitchen Renovation Work?

Here are a few steps that are involved in our services for the best kitchen Renovation:


The first and most important thing we consider as a leading Kitchen Renovation Company is to know about our client’s ideas and needs from the get-go. For this purpose, we prefer to do an initial home survey where we can establish an understanding of the likes and dislikes related to their current kitchen and where they would like to make some changes. On this visit, we will understand your demands and offer you the best advice regarding the most suitable options. We work to make all the steps and the whole process as easy as we can for our customers. We at Refurb My London understand that with styles and aesthetics, a kitchen should be perfect for use and ensure that your kitchen matches perfectly with the demands of your lifestyle. Our kitchen planners will always offer the best tips to make the most out of your kitchen and get the desired result out of your renovation at affordable Kitchen Renovation Cost.

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion


You will get the opportunity to work closely with our expert and skilled designers, who have worked in this industry for years. Their experience as kitchen designers and installers will offer you the right amount of inspiration needed for your Kitchen Renovation. Our expert designers at Refurb My London use 3D rendering software to make your dream kitchen a reality. We believe it is essential to visualize your kitchen before starting the work. It will offer you a complete idea of what you should expect from the final result and the opportunity to make changes without going through money loss and extra effort. Once you finalize the design, we will work to source the best quality products as we understand the need for the best quality. We ensure that you only receive the highest and best quality products to match the budget and design.


If we talk about average, it may take two weeks for our highly trained team to install your new kitchen. However, it also depends upon the size of your project; we will keep you informed about everything during your dream kitchen installation.

Our Kitchen Renovation Services

A few of the many services that we offer for your Kitchen Renovation and Refurbishment are as follow;
  • RA Radiator Replacement
  • Additional Radiators Installed
  • Towel Radiators and Rails
  • Professional Finishes
  • Kitchen Cabinet Renovation
  • Kitchen Extension
  • Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment
  • Sourcing and Professional Fitting
  • Laminate and Real Wood Flooring
  • Floor and Wall Tiling
  • Painting and Decorating

Get started with us! We focus on the entire process, concept through completion