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We are one of the most well-renowned construction companies and provide all kinds of loft conversion services. Our affordable packages for top-notch and quality loft conversions stand unparalleled in the industry. At Refurb My London, you can design your loft specifically complying with your needs and desires as we provide bespoke loft conversion services. We follow the on-time and on-budget rules while operating, and after finalising the design, we will complete the project in a week or two. Our services involve minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction.
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Best Loft Conversion Services in London by Trained and Experienced Professionals

There are numerous types of loft conversions. The different types have been classified based on roof types and the needed space. Our specialists will suggest to you the best types according to your requirements. Moreover, the loft renovation and refurbishment services are also under our expertise.

Rooflight Loft Conversion

Get the simplest and cheapest loft conversion that is perfect for houses with limited space. We build this loft conversion where only one small bedroom is required.

Dormer Loft Conversion

It is the most well-known kind of loft conversion. We offer the installation of the single, double or full-width dormer, double or full-width dormer, flat-rooted dormer, flat-roofed dormer, and gabled dormer.

L-shaped Loft Conversion

If you have already had a house extension to the rear and are in need of more space in the form of lofts, then the L-shaped loft conversion is for you.

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion

If your house has a free sloping side roof, then we can create plenty of space for you by extending the sloping ‘hip’ at the outside of your house outwards and upwards. This will create a gable side wall and hence much space.

Mansard Loft Conversion

If you are looking to add a significant amount of space to your home and don’t mind the addition of a new storey, then a mansard loft conversion is for you. It will add a considerable amount of space to your home.

Modular Loft Conversion

If you can’t afford to be disturbed by the long process of loft conversion, then we can install a ready-made loft in your home. This kind of loft is constructed off-site with a steel frame. After completion, the loft is craned into the position after removing the roof.
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