Refurb My London, is your local Loft Conversions Richmond specialist, turning your spaces into dreamy ones, with a burst of fresh ideas and innovation.

Our team transforms your unused space into an incredible feature of your home.

We bring you a functional yet luxurious loft conversion.

Efficient Loft Conversions in Richmond

Refurb My London has been offering competent loft conversions Richmond services for years. We take pride in our craftsmanship, which digs into details and uplifts the highest standards of perfect loft conversions. With a complete service package, from initial design to the final finishes; we are your one-stop solution to exemplary loft extensions Richmond.

Our team is providing loft conversion services in Richmond and the surrounding areas. You can get in touch with our team to discuss the details.

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    Making Use of the Unused Space

    We add functionality to unused spaces.

    Refurb My London crafts new possibilities for your homes. From extra bedrooms to playrooms and from home offices to whatever you wish; we open new doors to designing a space that can be utilized to the fullest.

    With our loft extensions Richmond services, you can transform your home into a dreamy and modern space. It is never too late to get started.

    100% Quality Guaranteed

    Refurb My London offers you a 100% quality guarantee. Every loft conversion Richmond installation comes with a 3-year guarantee of materials and workmanship. Our final product is second to none; we are confident of the outcome and thus, we know that your loft will keep shining for the years to come.

    Choosing us brings assurance that your loft extension will be unique, premium quality, and outstanding.

    Loft Conversions Richmond

    Which Type of Loft is best for You?

    When it comes to loft conversions in Richmond, there are various types and styles to consider. Every property is unique in its way. The architect of your home, helps us determine the type of loft conversion that would be suitable for your home.

    We begin our process with a free site survey to understand your property better. Depending on the available space, height of your roof, budget and style of your property, we determine the best loft type and design for you specifically.

    We build all types of loft conversions in Richmond;

    • Mansard
    • Rear Dormer
    • Hip to Gable
    • L-Shape Dormer
    • Velux
    • Piggy Back
    • Side Dormer
    • Pitched Dormer

    Explore different loft conversion possibilities with us as we unveil all the types that can come to life. No matter what type you choose, our loft extensions Richmond specialists can bring it to reality.

    Let’s Talk about Your Project

    If you want our experts to take over your loft conversions in Richmond, then let’s get started with a discussion.

    We believe that a straightforward discussion helps us understand our customer and their needs better. It opens the way to new possibilities and beautiful, personalized designs.

    Our Loft Conversions Richmond Process

    We work seamlessly through a streamlined process to ensure the smooth running of all tasks:

    • We bring with free survey
    • Get a loft conversions cost quotation
    • Architectural plans and drawings
    • Independent flooring plans
    • Installation and build of loft conversions
    • Electrical and plumbing technical tasks
    • Accurate and timely completion
    • 3-year backup, quality guarantee

    With our step-by-step loft conversions in Richmond, you are all set to get an unrivalled experience that sets itself apart.

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