Loft conversions are an effective way to facelift your home and provide you extra space which you can use for many purposes. Loft conversions Slough are becoming a trend since development regulations have been relaxed. It is very important for you to find the right team for loft conversions because some conversions require a certain degree of technical expertise. We can help you convert your loft to a useful space that you can use for storage or as a bedroom and even as a living room.

Loft conversion types

Our expert contractors will provide you with the right advice regarding which loft conversion suits you best depending on the type of your property. We conduct loft conversions around the UK including Slough. Get in touch with our loft conversions Slough team to learn more.

Roof light conversion 

This is the simplest of all loft conversions. It transforms your existing loft into usable space. It usually requires flooring, a staircase, and windows. This conversion does not increase the value of your home. It does not also require any planning permission and is the least costlier among all types of extensions.

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    Dormer Conversion 

    The basic requirement for a dormer conversion is a sloping roof. It is a protruding extension of your roof. The dormer conversion not only adds extra space but also adds for you a room with a view. It is affordable and also adds value to your property.

    Hip-to-Gable Conversion

    The hip-to-gable conversion adds substantial living space to your existing property. The basic requirement once again is a sloping roof that can be extended outwards, creating what is known as a gable wall. It is costlier than dormer and roof light conversion but also adds estate value to your property. It may or may not require planning permission depending on the laws governing your vicinity.

    Mansard Conversion

    A Mansard conversion involves considerable alteration to your existing roof and construction of almost vertical sloping walls. You can add almost an entire floor space in this type of conversion. It is the most expensive conversion and requires a high level of technical expertise. It also adds substantial estate value to your property. It is most appropriate for terraced and detached/semi-detached houses.

    Loft Conversions Slough

    Regardless of which type of conversion is best for you, our team is qualified and trained to conduct any type of loft conversion. If you reside in Slough contact our loft conversions Slough team.

    Benefits of Lost conversion

    •  Convert unused space to usable space.
    • Adds substantial new space.
    • Some types of conversions can increase your estate value.
    •  They can improve the appearance of your home and provide a room with a view.

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    Our team is highly trained, qualified and well experienced when it comes to loft conversions. We also provide other construction services such as conversions, refurbishment, repairs, and renovation, conversion. We have handpicked our team who work in harmony with each other to deliver the desired results. Our pricing is highly competitive and affordable, keeping your loft conversion cost within your budget.

    Confused? Don’t be!

    With so many options available, one may get confused as to which type of conversion one should go for. Call our team of experts to your property and they will provide you with the best advice. If you reside in Slough, our loft extensions Slough team will guide you.

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    Our team will perform every step required for the loft conversion. From arranging planning permission to arranging supplies and performing all activities such as installations, construction, plumbing, finishing, plumbing, and any other required activity. Our team is well known in Slough for satisfied customers.

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