Patios provide you with a precious chance to add beauty to your backyards. With the unique house that you own, you can exude a similar aura of individuality through your patio. At Refurb My London, we offer bespoke construction and renovation services and can guide you through your patio project.

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We lead in construction and refurbishment, offering timely and optimal completion as per your requirements. Every detail counts when it comes to a quality finish. We ensure our services are personalised according to your unique vision and style, working closely with you to provide a high-end finish for your projects. With services extending from ground and brickwork to tiling and decorating, we have excelled in the field by being its part for years. Refurb My London offers the following services:

  • Extensions
  • House Refurbishment
  • Tiling Specialists
  • Brickwork
  • Loft Conversion
  • Groundwork
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Patio Installation – It is Worth the Effort

Typically constructed in an outdoor space, mainly in the garden, some patios lie open to the sky while others have an overhead roof and are either attached or detached from the build. The material you use for the outdoor patios significantly contributes to a distinct outlook of your backyard and subsequently enhances the time spent outdoors, alone or with loved ones. When it comes to patio extension or patio construction from scratch, deciding on the most suitable patio design and material that depicts your personality is a cardinal step. As patio builders serving across London, we aid in getting you the pick of the bunch.

Types of Patios

Different types of patios dominated different eras: 15th-century Spanish homes saw square central patios amid galleries and porticos; concrete patios took over in the post-World War II era, adorned with bluestone and gravel.

The types of patios generally amount to the surface material used in them. Patios are formed pretty much from one of the few primary materials. And the kind you choose substantially depends on your patio’s location, budget, color scheme, personal style, and local building codes.

Below are the basic types of patios:

  • Gravel Patio
  • Pavement Patio
  • Clay Brick Patio
  • Flagstone Patio
  • Tile Patio
  • Sand Patio
  • Cut Stone Patio
  • Paver Patio
  • Concrete Patio

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Concrete Patio

If you are scouring the internet for the ideal surface for your patio garden, you might not find a more versatile and adaptable material than concrete. As concrete patio contractors, we serve you with the best blend of sand, water, cement, and gravel to make the kind of concrete that can mould into any surface form. The range of options for concrete is more expansive than for brick. It is highly durable – likely to last for an extremely long time – and subject to less maintenance. The finish can be of any kind, depending on your preference: smooth, stamped, brushed, scored, coloured, embellished with different designs and patterns, painted, and layered with other materials, such as aggregate pebbles. If you want a painted concrete patio, we have one of the widest ranges of colours.

Concrete slabs work great as the base for a garden patio. You can layer it with decorative tiles or any other material, such as patio stones, to create an aesthetically pleasing deck displaying a more detailed look. However, if you wish for a viable, cost-effective, and durable solution, you can stay with a concrete patio without looking further into other decorative alternatives.

Patio Cost

The price of a patio depends on several factors:

  • The Material Used: Different patio materials have different costs. Among the affordable ones are gravel and concrete.
  • Patio Size: The cost per square foot usually decreases with an increase in patio size. On the contrary, some patios contractors impose a minimum total for small patios.
  • Your Residential Conditions: Whether you require destruction, grading, or some other work at the site will influence the project cost. Also, the approach to the premises impacts the price if additional labour or equipment is needed to access it.
  • Complexity in Design: Adding patterns, textures, colours, designs or borders to the patio subsequently increases the patio cost, while keeping it plain or simple does not, to that extent.
  • Whether you are Upgrading or Installing a New Patio: If you are upgrading or refreshing your existing patio, you will be charged less than getting a complete installation.

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